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  • Reading: John 1-2
Figured I'd put a more light-hearted journal on my front page. Hai guys! Sorry for being off the radar for so long ;_;

I've been dealing with a MASSIVE bout of writer's block for the past few months. I think I've got a chip in it though, so more KYEC should be coming soon :) some of you might have noticed I uploaded chapter two (and that it has a Mature Content warning >.> just for safety's sake, but that might make quite a few upcoming chapters get one too...). Chapter three is finished, and chapter four is in the works! It would have been farther along if my iPhone hadn't decided to forget it existed D:

But anyway, quick life update!
1. I got a new job! I got laid off from the last one, so I now work at the same Starbucks as MidnightMadness11! Though we have yet to have a shift together :(
2. I got Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam a while ago. That's my prime excuse for not being on DA for so long. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS, SO ADDICTING. I can't get enough of this freaking game! XD Or Ellis, he's too funny XD Even my username is a reference to the game XD
...I might be playing too much. In my defence I haven't played more than an hour in the past three days.
3. I'm now a junior leader in-training for a youth organization called YoungLife! It's a youth group of sorts, but isn't bound to any church. Its focus is to show high school kids what Christianity is about, as opposed to "teaching" them and trying to force it down their throats. Most of each weekly meeting comprises of mini-mosh pits in people's basements, singing songs, watching crazy competitions between kids, and slapping leaders with fish (ok, the last one isn't normal. But it happened last week.) It's also one of the only places I have ever felt completely accepted and comfortable with myself. There's no denying the feeling of unconditional love present at every single meeting. Whether you're Christian or not, it's a fantastic place to hang out with friends, love and be loved, and just be yourself! Go check it out!
...Am I rambling? 8D
4. Any YuGiOh fans out there? My boyfriend has taken it upon himself to teach me how to play it! I even have my own deck! So far I'm a pretty poor excuse for a duelist, but I've managed to beat him a couple times (that is, when he's not using his Six Samurai deck. Ho-ly craptards that is a powerful deck.) So yeah, if anyone duels and has any tips for an Atlantean deck, feel free to clue me in! :D

Aaaaaaand that's basically my update! I'll upload KYEC's third chapter as soon as the fourth is finished!

Stay safe out there, ya'll!
- e-fan ^^


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Sabine Nomine (pen name)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Oh hai! Welcome to the profile page of a vertically challenged, not-quite-sane tomboy :P please excuse me if I digress ;P

As said, I'm probably not entirely sane. I’ve got too many ideas in my head to be sane. To give you an idea, I have... 20 main characters. Maximum of 5 for every story. Keep in mind that I also write fanfics :P

My two projects right now, both running at the same time, are two novels.

Fight for Chaos is about Benjamin and Zoe, two teens trying to survive in a human-induced post-apocalyptic country ruled by a military organization called the Order. Despite being only 16 years old, Zoe has lived alone for years. Her mother was murdered along with the rest of the civilian population, and her father is an admiral in the Order. After Benjamin gets her out of a tough spot with a squadron of Order soldiers, he offers her the chance she never thought she’d have; the opportunity to join the rebel force and actively fight the Order. Faced with the suspicions of the other rebels and the constant threat of the Order looming overhead, Benjamin and Zoe will soon find themselves unable to rely on anyone...

Sacred Melodies is a fanfiction of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Everyone knows that the Hero of Time was taught the songs of the Sages by Sheik, but who taught them to the Survivor of the Sheikah? Based 5 years into Link’s 7 year sleep, two Sheikah, 19 year old Zephyr and 15 year old Brenn, are destined to locate and retrieve the Songs of the Sages, hidden in the elemental realms. There’s only two problems. They’re polar opposites of each other, and they’re both banished for reasons unknown to the other. To make things even more interesting, Zephyr is cursed with the Killer’s Eye; the ability to kill through eye contact. And he has a vendetta against the witches responsible. Opposed by monsters and their own kind, and with six songs to find, their task is a daunting one...more dangerous than they can imagine.

ANYWAYS, back to me :P as I said I’m very short, and I’m a tomboy. I was in a marching band for 4 years, in the drumline for all 4. I’ve proved that base drums CAN roll (out of a moving parade block, WITH the player still attached), hit a car with my base drum, been the smallest tenor line ever (I was the 5 foot tall tenor dot), and been hit on over the head with my own 35 pound drums. Ah the things you go through in band...

My favorite anime/TV shows include:

Star Trek
Starsky and Hutch
Death Note
Soul Eater

And my favorite video games include:

Trauma Team
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The rest of the Trauma Center series
The Super Smash Bros. games, especially Melee

And my favorite character in the history of forever is everyone’s favorite cross-dressing ninja, the one and only Sheik :P

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